Philippines: As the year is about to end in a few hours, 2017 will be welcomed by the Filipinos with great hope for themselves and their families; prosperity, abundance, happiness, and peace.

Personally, I can only wish and hope with fervent prayers that 2017 will be a better year for all of us. But as I wish it, I also have these eerie feelings, for the first time, a realization that I am wishing something good but with apprehensions.

Ah, Duterte…this is how many of us Filipinos feel. You and your supporters can always brag that majority of the Filipinos supports your war against (illegal) drugs, while many of our Kababayans (fellowmen) on the other hand are being slaughtered like pigs on a daily basis; no let up even on holidays.

But recent the survey also showed that 8 out 10 Filipinos are scared that they may become a victim or “casualties of war” borrowing your horrendous description of the bystanders being caught in the crossfire. I don’t even have to mention the tolls on your so called police operations (lumaban di umano) and the vigilante (death squad) casualties now going more than 6,000 deaths combined.

Many Filipinos are now beginning to suspect that these so called vigilantes or death squad/s are on your payroll.

Yes, you brought change to this country; you can now rival the likes of Polpot, Kim Jong Un, and yes, you are right to aspire for the status of Hitler! You have the tenacity to compare your slaughter to the Jews; in your own words – “Hitler killed 3 million Jews, we have 3 million addicts; I will be happy to slaughter them”

Let me quote this famous line “if the government is afraid of its people, there is liberty; but if the people are afraid of the government, there is tyranny!



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