His latest pronouncement or call it a threat if you will, his use of words, interestingly reveals his inner self – dangerous, diabolical, and oppressive. But, it also reveals that he is scared – he knew that he is at the crossroads; nearing the end of his mortal life. Soon, he will meet his maker, either because of sickness or old age.

DAVAO CITY—“I will declare martial law if I want to and nobody can stop me” if it is needed to preserve the country, President Duterte said on Saturday night. If I want to and it will deteriorate into something really, really virulent, I will declare Martial law if I want to.”

Seldom do I hear the word virulent being used as a regular adjective or a parlance in describing a certain condition? More often, the word virulent is a common adjective being used in the medical field. It means – a rapid onset of severe illness caused by virulent disease or poison; a virulent strain (virus) affecting the immune system of the host. Well, having a partner who is in the medical profession (nurse) must have exposed him a lot to the word virulent.

He keeps on repeating that he may not be able to complete his term, attributing it to a number of excuses such as removal from office (coup), assassination, and his generosity to step down as soon as the Federal government (he espouses) is in place. Are these signs that his illness or old age has tipped into a preparation for death?

People nearing death are often driven by an organic process to confront and resolve unfinished business. He seems to be in a hurry that he is easily irked and has openly display impatience whenever he is confronted with criticisms. Is he already having the so-called deathbed visions? Any and all criticisms of him are unacceptable to his mind; thinking it will cause him undue delay.

On the other hand, this is the dangerous part – the word virulent when formally used would also mean “full of hate and violent opposition”. Hence an oppositionist can be tagged as a virulent critic. He did say that “he will declare Martial law if it deteriorates into something really virulent and nobody can stop me.”

Those words did not only open his inner self but displayed complete totalitarian mind or the arrogance that comes with power. He is quick to threaten his perceived oppositions by issuing veiled threats. He clearly cannot stand criticisms, thus, consequently, he hates oppositionist. He ruled his city for a long time, subdued the people, “pushing them into fear; until they get used to it, and embraced it.”

Ah, he definitely wants something like that to happen in the whole country! A nation full of obedient citizens, no oppositions, no critics! What a wonderful world…

Sy Reeko Nga Ako

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Duterte issue veiled threats: to declare martial law if…


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