Paolo, the son of President Duterte, involved in nefarious activities?

Based on the attached document #DavaoLeaks, Paolo Duterte was investigated by then NBI officer Atty. Ruel Lasala on December of 2007 for smuggling activities.

Unconfirmed reports also are pointing to Paolo as the link to a certain Davidson Bangayan, Aka David Tan,  a known big-time rice smuggler in Davao.

Bangayan was once investigated by the senate in February of 2014, due to importation permit scandal at the DFA; he used dummies in importing rice. Bangayan, in the same hearing, was confronted by then mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

The fiery Duterte presented a photo from Davao intelligence officials of the notorious rice smuggler David Tan, aka David Bangayan. The mayor says Tan’s name came up in his investigation as the go-to guy for rice smuggling in Davao, Manila, Cebu and Cagayan de Oro.

During the senate hearing; before the lawmakers and law enforcers, and on live television, the notorious mayor threatens to kill the man supposedly in the photo, identified as David Bangayan aka David Tan.

If you would recall, the Atty. Ruel Lasala indicated in the document was the same Atty. Ruel Lasala, who was dismissed by then DOJ sec Leila De Lima due to alleged nefarious activities.

The same Atty. Ruel Lasala, who together with VACC chair Dante Jimenez, purportedly filed the drug case against Senator Leila De Lima; is (openly) a known Duterte supporter.

What a strange coincidences…smells like a rotten fish.


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